DEBT PAY-OFF PROGRAM

If you have received a Credit Smart collection letter by mail, or you were contacted by phone with approval, you have been invited to participate in our special program.  This program will set you on the path to paying off this delinquent debt. Did you always want to settle this credit matter, but the credit card company's settlements was too high? Here is your chance to only pay 33% of that credit matter. We are the creditor that is mentioned on the letter  you received. We will settle your debt @ 33% of your balance. If you would like to offer another payment option or enlist in this program just call the PAY-OFF HOTLINE 1-877-230-1901 to speak with Credit Smart representative and have your account number ready. This will help you take your first step to financial freedom.
       This program is allowing you to pay only 33% of your balance. This will enable you to become debt free with a higher credit score. By raising your credit score you may be extended credit once again, along with getting lower interest rates, you will become a better candidate for mortgages, automobiles, apartments even a better job.